Local Value Marketing offers the industry’s most cost effective managed advertising service.

A consultative phased approach to your advertising.

We start with a comprehensive analysis of your business, your customers, your location, and the positioning of your services in your market.  We then custom taylor your advertising campaign, from the keywords to the ad copy.

Positive ROI on your Advertising spend.

We track and monitor the success of your Pay Per Click (PPC) and Video advertising spend per month, and the new business the campaign generates.  We then slowly increase your advertising budget until the right amount for your practice is discovered.  We will discover the minimum budget necessary to achieve maximum new client success.  We manage your banner ads, retargeting, and video ads as your campaign grows to find new customers for your small business.

Evolving Advertising Strategy

Every month we have a Monthly Marketing Meeting where we go over every aspect of your campaigns.  We grow your advertising strategy based on the quantifiable results in your local area.  Your campaign begins with a broad approach to your market, and then becomes more focused on your products and services,  laser targeted to find new customers for your business.  The competitive campaign then begins to target potential customers looking for your competitors. Strategy – Your dedicated Marketing Manager works with you to describe your campaign, answer questions, and work with you on ideas Adjust – We constantly adjust your campaign to support what we find about your market and the success or failure of your advertising. Implement – We then implement the mutually agreed upon strategy to support your business growth requirements. Monitor – We monitor your campaigns against all measurements, keyword quality, ad copy, geo-targeting, device preferences to see if there are more opportunities to find your next clients more cost-effectively. Report – We report results from the previous month so decisions for the next month are made based on quantitative results. Analyze – We analyse all aspects of your campaign including keyword performance, PPC bidding, conversion tracking, and ad copy on an ongoing basis.  Markets change, and so will your campaigns based on this information.


PPC Advertising Service

Google, Bing, and Yahoo Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising managed for you covering all aspects of your campaign. Every month, we meet with you to explain the success or failure of your campaign, and recommendations to improve it.  Every month you get an update to the latest in advertising trends for PPC campaigns.  For businesses who are using the Business Presence Service, you also get remarketing and consistent landing pages included in your service.

Display Advertising Service

Display advertising extends the reach of your PPC advertising campaign into the banner or display space.  Advertise on Google's extensive partner network reaching your audience where they view their content.

Video Advertising Service

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet.  You get monthly management of your Video advertising campaign in your local area.  Become a local video hero!

Facebook Advertising Service

Facebook is the fastest growing opportunity for small businesses to find and stay in touch with their clients.  Your Marketing Investment will go farther on Facebook than on any other advertising platform.

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