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New customers every month.

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Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Yelp, Twitter. We find your next clients where THEY are.

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Positive Return on Investment (ROI) on your Marketing.


Local Marketing For Your Local Business

Local Value ConsultingConsulting

Small Business Consulting is a comprehensive service from business mechanics to personal performance. It an ongoing service, not a one-shot fix up.  Our trained staff will show you what is missing from your business growth strategy.


Marketing PresencePresence

Your Online Presence allows you to be found, and for your potential customers to build trust in your business. It includes your website and your social networking presences.


Local Value AdvertisingAdvertising

Managed Advertising Services allows you to run your business, while we run your online advertising campaigns. Our Advertising services pay for themselves every month.


Social Media MarketingSocial

Our Semi Custom Social Media service puts you in the driver seat of your online social network.  We professionally manage your social messages with your direct input.  You can add to your social publishing.


Local Value is a leader in providing online marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) looking to grow in their local market.  Our services include a comprehensive Presence Service, Advertising Services, and Social Media Services. Grow your business with the right services for your business, and your local market.

Request a comprehensive Marketing Analysis to see which Local Value online services will empower you for your business growth.

Find your next client

Our services are created to help you find your next clients.  Crafted for your business, we make sure you have the most effective local presence to enable your next clients to find you quickly.

Marketing is an investment

Marketing is an investment into the future growth of your business.  When you spend money on advertising, you receive more business back from that investment.  We help you understand this distinction

All Services include professional design, focused advertising, and unlimited support. We provide services for small and medium-sized professional services businesses.  Contact us today to find out how we can quickly grow your business.

Positive ROI on your Marketing Investment

Every campaign has a Return On Investment expectation created at the beginning with your practice in mind.  Every month, we review your ROI to ensure you're getting the type of new clients you are looking for, for the right Marketing Investment.

Freedom - No Contract, No Commitment, No Obligation

At Local Value, we understand the cyclical nature of small businesses.  You can turn on or off your campaigns at any time, there is no commitment, no obligation, and no long term contract.

We look forward to growing your local business.

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